Best Mascaras And Primer

Maybelline: Rocket Volume

I have loved this mascara for YEARS; it is my ultimate drugstore favorite and you literally can not beat the price. It ranges from $7 - $9 depending on where you are shopping, but regardless it is still the cheapest mascara on the market for what is does. I love the “Blackest Black” color; it gives my lashes a POP of black and coats my light blonde lashes. The best part about drugstore mascara is that you don’t feel bad when you need to buy a new one every two months.

EVER Skincare: Whiplash

EVER Skincare is a new obsession of mine; I came across their makeup and skincare this Spring and fell in love with their clean and simple products. I like that this mascara has a bigger wand because it coats lashes really quickly, ad builds without any clumping.

NARS: Climax

This is my most recent mascara obsession!! Since I always aim to be honest with you guys, I did just finish up a campaign with NARS to promote this product. However!! I only review products that I have used & know work. The first time I tried this mascara I was like YUP I have to review it haha! It has a pretty fluffy & big wand that leaves your lashes long and evenly coated. This mascara runs at $24 but if you are stuck in a rut with spending this much on brands you may not love.. give this a try! It also comes in a really fun, sleek red packaging which makes it easy to spot in your makeup bag.

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itCosmetics: Superhero

I heard a ton of things about this mascara before trying it; the main thing that stood out to me is that people either LOVED it or it didn’t work for them. For me, I am one who loves it. I have never used a mascara that coats so well and layers so darkly. I love to let my first ciat dry completely then add a second layer on top. It becomes super thick and dark without clumping at all. I like that the brush is a good mox of fluffy but also compact. It seems to work really well for me! The consistency of the mascara itself is pretty thick and coats heavily on the wand, so this may take some getting used to, but I think overall that is why it is such a good mascara!

Lancome: Primer

Primer is the base of any really good mascara day. If I want the most impact, I will add primer first. It basically adds a layer of"“mascara”that is white, which coats your lashes and makes them instantly thicker & longer. I love this Lancome primer because it really does what it says it will do. I can see a huge difference in how my mascara performs, even when using a mascara I love!

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