Dolphin Smooth Legs & The New Way To Shave

Dolphin Smooth Legs & The New Way To Shave -


Have you ever heard someone joke around and say “my legs feel like dolphins they are so smooth!” haha?! Living in a big house with several girls in college I feel like we talked about ALL the beauty things haha and shaving of course came up multiple times. It is important to remind yourself that everyone has such different hair (color, thickness, coarseness, etc.), so we all tried and used different products and techniques to try and get the BEST and closest shave. A lot of girls love to get waxed or sugared but I swear my pain tolerance is nevative haha so I never enjoyed that and knew I wouldn't be able to keep it up forever. Plus, who wants to spend that much every four weeks?

I feel like over the years I must have tried like 20 different types of razors!! Don’t you agree? Like nothing reallyyy gets the hairs as close as you want it to, or the razor gets dull after just two uses. Or the worst is using your husbands razor and loving the shave.. but realizing it cost $20 haha! I know that a lot of women don’t struggle with finding a great razor or getting the perfect smooth shave, but a lot of you do struggle with that. I am someone who had never found that perfect shave for me, so really I would try anything at this point haha.

I first came across Billie on Pinterest about two months ago, I think it was an ad, but what actually caught my eye more than the promise of a good shave was the colorful packaging! We LOVE a good aesthetically pleasing beauty product haha am I right girls?! If it’s going to sit on my bathroom counter or in my shower, it better look just as good as it works. Of course I saw the add several times until I actually decided I would try the razor, because that’s just how it works! We say nope, not for me.. until then we realize okay what is the hard I'm trying it ha! For me, I figured what is a few more bucks on a razor and shave cream? If it really lived up to the hype it would definetly be the cheapest shave I ever paid for and would be cost effective to maintain. So why not give it a shot!



The Billie razor is a subscription razor that has 5 sharp blades (made in America) that are encased in 360° of charcoal shave soap for a smoother glide. They are dermatologically approved and extra gentle on sensitive skin. You pick your color, how often you shave, any added products you might want, and how often you want product and razor heads shipped to you. SO EASY! In regards to being women owned and operated, their site says, “that’s why our razors aren’t just half the price of women’s shaving brands, they’re priced in line with men’s razor subscriptions. Drop the pink tax. Pick up Billie”. I can get behind a cheaper & more effective razor! 

Dolphin Smooth Legs & The New Way To Shave -


Alright so, first impression with the razor is that the ad was correct; the package was SO CUTE and colorful and simple; everything you want in a subscription box. Especially if it’s going to be sent in the mail and show up to my house, I don't want the box to be like, “HEY world, Bre’s razors are here” haha I am looking for something subtle and cute that is fun to receive in the mail! 


Last week wen my razor came at 7pm I was okay like.. I need to hop in the shower right now and try this thing out, and I did. And it was amazing haha here we go! First off the shaving cream here is a real game changer; it doesn’t froth up and wash off in an instant like the other shave gels/creams I have tried. It is an actual cream, made with aloe, sage, and Shea butter! Very thick and stays on your legs, so you don’t need much to be effective. Okay here is the moment of truth. First shave was INCREDIBLE! The razor quite literally glided up my leg with the shave cream. It was easy, smooth, and I never felt like I had to be extra slow in order to not cut myself. I just shaved my legs like normal and then shaved my armpits; it was easy and so so smooth. My armpits are really annoying because they sort of dip down into my arm. You know what I mean? Legs for the most part are smooth and flat, but armpits get tricky because you have to make sure they are flat and that you’re getting all the hidden hairs. The Billie razor made it so easy! The razor head is big, coated in 360 degrees of charcoal shave soap (so soft omg) and had no problem cutting the hairs very close to the skin, with no irritation immediately after (or the next day). After my shower I literally ran into the bedroom after my shower and was so so excited to have Matt feel my dolphin legs ha! He was asleep but the next morning I was like LOOK and feel these, so smooth right? Even he had to admit, they were prettyyyy dang smooth. 


The razor itself has FIVE blades which if you have shaved for any amount of time, you know how much $$$ a razor with even three or four blades is! The razor is lightweight and easy to grip. I love that it comes with a magnetic holder you can stick in your shower, because nothing is more obnoxious than your razor falling off the shelf. I swear I do that like once a week and then have to throw it away (so not sanitary for a razor to fall on the floor - do not use the blade again if this happens)! It just is EASY and makes sense. The shave cream that I talked about above is not only effective but it is adorable. The colorful print on a simple whit bottle is aesthetically pleasing and makes me feel like my shower is organized and simplified, not cluttered and a danger zone to step on a fallen razor LOL. 


If you already have a razor you love and have no issues with, then this might not be for you. But if you are like me and feel like you’ve tried a million razors and are fed up with the cost, the function of them, the look, the way they drop off the shelf in the bathroom and you have to toss at least one a week (oh, just me?) or wonder if there’s maybe something that gives a quicker and easier and closer shave this razor is so for you girl!

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I asked YOU what your thoughts were on the Billie razor, and oh my goodness you ladies showed up with the responses!! Whenever you try a new brand I feel like there is always some hesitation in wanting to be like, “this is my FAVE product” because you usually don’t try something once and fall in love haha. BUT this razor is the exception! So many of you have said you just bought it and already love it, many have been using it for months or a year, and those who haven’t tried it yet were really excited to hear more. I also know that it make you leery about a product when SO many people talk about it, and leave you wondering is this product really worth the hype? Or why are so many girls talking about it?

I know that you ladies trust my opinion, but I also think hearing from others who have used the product can be helpful to give insight as to why so many girls love it. I got hundreds of responses and replies to asking if any if you had tried this razor, and it made me happy that they were such positive and incredible reviews!

So this is what you ladies have to say!

“Literally the BEST shave of my life and my legs stay smooth for days!”

“Woman owned and operated - NO PINK TAX!”

“4 razor heads for $9? That literally can not be beat.”

“YES!! Been using it for over a year and went w/o on vacay and
didn’t realize just how amazing it is!”

“FAB and cheap! Fave ever”

“AMAZING! And so much more economical then
buying disposable razors”

“Their shaving cream is even better!”

“YES I love mine!! Really helped with minimizing my razor bumps”

“TIP - it only takes 3 min to pause your orders if you get too stocked up. V convenient!”

“Just got it a week ago and am LOVING it”

“Just got mine and haven’t used it yet but the packing got me already LOL”

“Just ordered one the other day after seeing great reviews!”


“Freaking LOVE”

“Ok I have seen this too many times to ignore - just ordered”

“Life changing! Completely got rid of the little red bumps
I used to get after shaving”

“Love my Billie razor, my hair grows back so soft now!”


“I was so skeptical that it wouldn’t be as good as the hype but I love it!!”

“Yessss I am so picky and it is the best!”

Thank you to BILLIE for sponsoring this post!
As always, all opinions are my own; as are stories and personal experience. I appreciate those of you who gave me
heir insight on the products, and I trust your opinions too (so much)! Thanks xx

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