EVER SKINCARE: Step By Step Guided Beauty & Skincare


The Pretty Young Trio is a three part skincare routine designed with radiance-boosting benefits & powerful superfood ingredients including Watermelon, Turmeric, prebiotics and probiotics. For beautifully healthy skin inside and out that you can see and FEEL. I used this set for about a month straight and really loved it, but one product stood out to me more than the other two. I think this combo is perfect for someone wanting to use a clean skincare line. It is really simple, straightforward, and overall is an easy routine to keep up with.

You use the Beauty Water to get rid of any extra makeup on your face and in your pores. The next step is prepping your face with the Priming Moisturizer. It does go on pretty thick, and you do not need a lot to get good coverage. I absolutely love the Glowtion brightening oil because it literally made my face radiant and smells so fresh, like watermelon and citrus. It is the final step, and I think the most crucial step because it adds the most hydration and glow to your skin.

EASY AS 1, 2, 3

EVER Skincare also has an amazing mascara called Whiplash, brow pencils in several shades, and other makeup products that are really great for the girl on the go. I think of their products as the perfect starter kit for someone just getting starter with skincare and makeup. They are easy to use, effective, and come in super simple & clean packaging that clearly shows you a step by step process of how to use them. I love that just like the skincare, the Color Quickie palette is literally labeled with each number 1, 2, and 3, to show what steps to get the perfect look.