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Your best skin

I love itCosmetics because it was actually designed with plastic surgeons, with restorative properties in mind. These products are anti-aging & hydrating. I love how they make my skin feel and I know that they are full of good-for-your-skin ingredients! The face cleanser is super calming and lightweight, and I recommend this to anyone who is looking for an effective face wash that is not harsh on their skin. If you have sensitive or soft skin, this would be perfect for you. I also really like that all of the itCosmetics products have a fresh scent to them, they do not smell like perfume or have a heavy smell, but are really lightweight and feel super breathable. Their Secret Sauce is incredibly hydrating and thick, and feels like the most luxurious face lotion!

I also love their CC cream, foundation, and other makeup for the same reasons. Their mascara is one of my absolute favorites because it goes on thick and makes my lashes look really full without clumping! The CC cream and foundation are two of my best kept (not so) secrets for Spring & Summer makeup. Anytime my skin is dewy, but I am still wearing foundation, I can promise I am using one of these products. I love that they fill my pores and smooth out my face, but also goes on in a very light layer that covers without feeling cakey or thick.