Spring Beauty Refresh + The Perfect Perfume

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dress: ASOS (size 6) / shoes: Target / perfume: ULTA

As we are coming up to Summer being right around the corner, I am finally (just a few months late haha) getting serious about Spring cleaning! I love the idea of Spring cleaning because it is a good excuse to start fresh with a new season, and the BEST season in Seattle, Washington is definitely Summer! As the trees are becoming fluffy and green, flowers are in full bloom, and the skies are staying later longer, I am feeling inspired to do some Spring cleaning to my beauty routine & makeup bag. Below I am sharing a few of the new products I have added to my makeup bag, as well as an amazing perfume that I think is the perfect scent for a new season!


replace your old products with these fresh new faves!

I love playing with makeup and skincare, so those were pretty easy to clean out and refresh with some new products I have wanted to try. Perfume has always been a more difficult thing for me to discover, to be honest! There are two scents that I have found that I love, but neither have ever seemed like a good Spring & Summer scent. My usual picks tend to me a little more masculine and fruity. However for a new season, I was looking for something that was slightly beachy, soft, and floral.

I ended up seeing a bunch of amazing reviews on several products when I was on Ulta.com, but decided on the Oscar de la Renta Bella Blanca Eau de Parfum! It has a lot of reviews, but what sold me was that a lot of women said that it is a strong scent without being overpowering! One squirt of this perfume lasts a long time & gives a subtle floral and sweet scent, without being too sugary smelling. I am super excited about this new fragrance!! And to top it off, even Matt said he liked the scent, saying it smelled very “pretty” haha! I do think that it is a slightly more feminine and sweet smell than any perfume I have ever worn before, but I am really excited to add a new scent to my collection and to make this my scent of the Summer.

Bre Sheppard - Fresh Spring Beauty Picks Perfume.JPG

Not only is the smell perfect for Spring and Summer, with it’s subtle floral tones from the wet freesia & jasmine, but the bottle is gorgeous! The Oscar De La Renta Bella Blanca Eau de Parfum comes in both 1.0oz and 3.4oz bottle options, so you can start with the smaller bottle if you are just trying it out. I love that both sizes have the same gorgeous floral exterior. It might sound silly but when I am looking for skincare, makeup, and perfume especially I always am dram to products and brands that are aesthetically pleasing! I guess I think if it is going to sit out on my counter I want it to look really good ha! This bottle, in my opinion, looks very expensive. The floral overlay gives it a really feminine look, while maintaining a crisp and clean look with silver hardware and an all white bottle.

You can shop this new scent online and in some stores, starting right now!
Perfect for your Spring cleaning & purging of old beauty products!



This post was brought to you in partnership with Ulta & the new Oscar De La Renta Bella Blanca Eau de Parfum that you can now find online at Ulta.com and in select stores.
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