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After sharing my Drugstore makeup routine with you last week, I had so may of you asking about what my picks for an easy Summer makeup look would be - specifically asking what products have spf in them. I went searching for some products that have spf in them, hoping to find some products that would help me get that easy, glowy, simple “no makeup” makeup look for Summer. When Summer comes around I feel like the matte foundations and thick powders are not really as fitting for the time of year; especially with a little tan! I feel like in the Summer I am always wanting something that is really lightweight, low coverage, and that I can apply on the go. I love the idea of applying a little makeup after leaving the lake, or going on the boat, or even applying it beforehand and not worrying about it looking like I’ve got a face full of makeup on!

get the “no makeup” makeup look

and protect your skin with spf!

Fresh Summer Makeup -

How to apply + use

What I like about these products is they are really lightweight & truly give that “no makeup” makeup look. I do have to say, they are very different than my usual makeup products since they have such minimal coverage! I think I am going to grow to really love them come summertime, because they are easy to apply and make applying your makeup so simple. I think that wearing SPF is super important to protect your face from the sun rays, and the most frustrating thing is that most makeup doesn’t include it! For daily wear I don’t always use SPF, unless I am going to be outside. Especially in the summer this is super important to me since the UV rays are stronger, and I am usually spending more time outside.

The first difference I noticed when applying these products is that they apply better with your fingers! I actually tried to use my damp beauty blender like I normally would with my usual matte foundation, however instead of blending well and going on smooth, it sort of split and sat on top of my face instead of spreading around evenly. I wiped off my face with a makeup remover wipe and said okay I am going to actually read how these are supposed to be applied haha! So the best way to apply is to use your fingers and rub the foundation around your face. I started by rubbing in around in small circles like I would lotion, then used my pointer & middle finger to lightly “dab” the product around. The concealer goes on really easy too, just dotting it several times under each eye and blending it together with your finger.

For both the blush and bronzer, they only come on one shade which I personally love! I think it once again keeps your whole makeup routine really simple. The bronzer has a really warm tan color and you can deepen the tan based on how many drops you apply. I also love that the blush is very pigmented and peachy! They blend really well together (once again using your fingers) and can blend into the foundation really smoothly. I like to put the bronzer along my hairline and cheekbones, while applying the blush above the bronzer.

lightweight summer coverage

As far as coverage goes, since this is a very lightweight product, this is not the product for you if you are wanting to cover acne or heavy breakouts. You can layer the foundation up about 2x, but even then it is really more of a CC cream feel.

I will say that after washing off the makeup at night my face felt really good, and I think that has to do with using makeup that is designed really with skin in mind. According to, these products are “a collection of color cosmetics powered with Alpha Lipoic Acid, Neuropeptides and Vitamin C Ester to improve skin instantly and over time'“. And I think a huge part of that, even as a young woman, is to protect your skin from the sun! That is part of the reason I love using self tanning products at home, because I like to minimize my time spent in the sun if I can; especially my face! What we protect and take care of now might not show as much when we are young, but I think years from now we will be really thankful that we took care of ourselves in these ways!

PerriconeMD Ulta Spf Summer Skincare + Makeup :

get the “makeup free” look

The products that are on bold are the products I bought and used to get this look! I really love how fresh and light they are, how they layer on, and how you can build them up for slightly more coverage. I love that PerriconeMD also recently added several new shades of colors, which is amazing so you can best match your skin tone! Aside from these “no makeup” products, they also carry a bunch of amazing skincare + supplements that are all designed to nourish your body, protect your skin, and help the signs of aging.

- No Makeup Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 (8 shades) / IVORY
- No Makeup Foundation Serum Broad Spectrum SPF 20 (8 shades)
- No Makeup Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 (5 shades) / FAIR
- No Makeup Bronzer Broad Spectrum SPF 15 / ONLY 1 SHADE
- No Makeup Blush / ONLY 1 SHADE
- No Makeup Eyeshadow
- No Makeup Mascara
- No Makeup Lipstick Broad Spectrum SPF 15

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This post is sponsored by Ulta and PerriconeMD, but as usual all opinions and purchase of product is my own!