Kicking Off The Holidays With Macy's

MACYS PARADE and Train Window - Bre Sheppard.JPG



When Thanksgiving comes around every year, there is something magical about how the year starts to feel. It’s like Thanksgiving is the kick-off to the holiday season. I love that there are always so many fun traditions with family & friends around this time of year. I especially always look forward to Black Friday, not only for the shopping, but because of the big holiday parade that Macy’s hosts every year in Seattle!

Every Black Friday, Macy’s puts on a Holiday Parade right in downtown Seattle, with the streets blocked off for the floats and people walking, and everyone lines the streets waiting for the parade to begin. I have always loved the hustle & bustle of it all because it really feels like that is what kicks off the holidays!

Ever since I was in high school, a few of my best friends and I have been in the Macy’s parade each Black Friday! My sister-in-law Lindsey’s dad worked for Macy’s for many years, and always photographs the parade. Because of this, she has always walked the parade, since she was a little girl. Over the years she had invited her friends to join her, and when she started dating my brother asked if I wanted to walk in it too. The first year I walked in the parade it was myself, Amy, Jac, and Kailey. Over the years I have had a few different girls come join, but the original crew has mostly been there every year.

Over the last 7 or 8 years we have been so many different characters in the parade, it is so funny to look back and think about them all! The first year we were in these huge Snowmen costumes where our faces didn’t even show haha they were super bulky, and by the end of the mile loop we were soaked from rain and sweat. We have also been Christmas trees with ornaments hanging off of us, letter blocks spelling out “Macy’s Holiday Parade”, candy cane Elves, and cupcakes. It is a really fun tradition to walk the parade with my friends because we always end up laughing the whole way.

This year, we got to experience the Macy’s magic of the holidays in a new way, by partnering with Macy’s to sit front row for the annual parade! We loved seeing the marching bands (my personal fave), the floats, and Santa of course! After the parade ended around 10, we were led to meet Santa and get photos with him inside of Macy’s. He was just as jolly as one would imagine and was great about letting us take a selfie with him haha! After photos with Old Saint Nick, we walked out to the street corner of Macy’s building and took a look at their amazing Train Window display. Each year, they put a new display out for Seattle to see. This year, the Train Window came to life with a moving train inside; activated by your hands pressing against the glass. It was like a tiny little Christmas village had come to life inside of the glass! They even had little people skating on the ice & riding skis down the snowy slopes. It reminded me of my Grandma Sankey’s Christmas town she used to put up each year when I was a kid.

Thanks to Macy’s we were able to experience the magic of the holidays in a new way this year! We had so much fun watching the parade from the sidelines this year, experiencing the Train Window, and seeing Santa! If you are ever in Seattle on Black Friday, make sure you check out the annual Macy’s Holiday Parade and photos with Santa; there is truly no better way to kick off the Holiday’s!