Our September Fair Tradition

I wish I could find photos dating back to 2010, the year we first went to the fair together, but to be honest I am not even sure we took one then, it just was not as much of a thing as it is now! And of course the others are lost somewhere deep on Facebook; but I did find back to 2014.. enjoy - haha!

It is hard to imagine a time that Matt & I weren’t together, since we have been dating for so many years now, but it is also really fun to look back on that first year at the fair together! I met Matt at my brothers birthday party that Summer in July, and thought he was the cutest thing I had ever laid eyes on (he still is). Well I had no idea that he would start to pursue me, by setting up double dates and trying to hangout with me any way he could, while slowly trying to get to know me better.

My older brother Derrik and I ended up picking up Matt, and drove to the fair to meet up with my brothers girlfriend Linsey. I think I was like pretending to sleep in the car or something because I didn’t know what to do haha I was so nervous! I remember that night we were always sort of separated into two, Derrik and Lindsey, and Matt and myself. It was so much fun going on rides together and just hanging out getting to know each other better, since we hadn’t really hung out before. I remember it rained the whole night but it was still pretty much perfect. Flash forward 7 more months till April and Matt asked me to be his girlfriend, but that’s for another story ha!

So since that first year in 2010, the fair has become a September tradition for us that we always look forward to. We try to make a point to go & walk around, go on a few rides, talk about our favorite memories, see the animals, and of course get scones! It’s really nothing fancy, but I have loved knowing that every year we will find the time to carry on this tradition and make another memory together, or with friends. Since my blog is ultimately a place to share my experiences and memories (and let’s be honest, I do not have the best memory) I figured I would share some photos & memories I have from the last few years at the fair.

2013 & 2014

In 2013 it was clearly our 4th year together, and I also clearly had just over-plucked my eyebrows preparing for the date.. major cringe haha! I believe that year we went with Derrik & Lindsey (who had just gotten married that Summer), and my other brother Zach and his girlfriend Aly. I remember that it had been pouring rain all day long so I was wearing rain boots, but of course it stopped raining right when we got there & I was clunking around in my Hunter’s all night. Why do I remember such important details LOL?

On the day we went to the fair in 2014 Matt and I had a pretty full day; I remember that we had bought tickets to a Washington Huskies football game at an auction the weekend before, that was the same morning we were planning on going to the fair. I look sporty from the football game and Matt looks like a straight farmer in his flannel and boots; I remember laughing at this even on that day how funny we looked because out outfits were so contrasting! Of course we have a bakers dozen of scones in tow.

2015 & 2016

I think 2015 was one of my absolute favorite years at the fair by far! We ended up going with my two cousins Kendra & Lindsey, and their boyfriends, so it was a 6 person date haha and we had the best time. I had been wanting to see Jason Derulo for some time (LOL - but like he is actually phenomenal live, do’t judge me) and it just didn’t work out that we could see him. I sort of knew in the back of my head someone was playing at the fair but didn’t realize it until Matt handed my my ticket that night while at the fair that we were going to see him there! I was so excited. We had the best time in the nosebleeds with my cousins, singing every song and dancing around. Okay and this frog is a whole other story! Matt played the hoop game where they make it super hard to get a shot, and won! They were giving away these giant stuffed frogs, and naturally we named it Fred. It was literally as big as me and we took it everywhere that night and pretended like it was a friend with us haha. To this day Fred still lives; my dad and uncle actually have a funny thing where whenever they see each other they pass him back and forth, or leave him on the others roof or back deck. I am not sure where it came from, but Fred lives on ha!

The photo on the right was our first time at the fair married! We had just got married on February 20, so it was our first Fall together married as well. I remember I had just go my haircut right before this, and this was the start of the shorter bob - I never went back to long hair after this! As always, scones.

2017 & 2018

Last Summer we had a really hot spell that was in Seattle for almost the whole month of August and into September, so I remember this specific day it was SO warm. I think I am wearing the same shoes as I just wore last night too ha! Matt’s best friend CJ met up with us at the fair last year in 2017, and he took this photo. Right after it was taken I remember thinking DANG my legs look long haha! Last year I got the most delicious huge turkey leg and corn from a BBQ stand; and the grille corn is my FAVE cause you know I love corn!

Last night was our NINTH year together at the fair. It was a pretty spontaneous and last minute decision, because September is just escaping from us too fast! Since I was in New York the first week and have been catching up on life the last week and a half, we didn’t even realize that this was the last weekend of the fair. And since we will be out of town this weekend, we made a last minute decision yesterday that we needed to go.. on a random Wednesday night! I met Matt at his work and picked him up and headed straight to Puyallup. It sort of took forever because it was the middle of rush hour, but we have always enjoyed road trips and driving together, so it was fun. I actually drove for once in my life haha I always, always make Matt drive! We got to the fair almost right as it was getting dark, but that is the best anyways - then the whole sky is lit up with lights! We didn’t go on any rides last night; mainly because we both had the worst fair food and felt so off he whole night haha. We decided scones would be our best bet for good food so of course we left with a Baker’s dozen. We DID see newborn baby pigs, a cow that was flicking wood chips on us with it’s tail (literally SO funny), and had the best time walking around to all the little kiosks and stands. Best part was that when Matt was taking a photo of me a follower of mine on the ride behind us took a video of it & sent it to me on Instagram. In the photo Matt took of me you can SEE her taking the video - I have not laughed so hard in a long time!

We love this simple tradition of ours, and it is so fun to look back on the past years
and think back to each memory & fun moment!