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Around this time each year, we start to gather gifts for the people in our lives we love most! I love the tradition of giving gifts because it is a simple way that we can show love & generosity and thankfulness to the people in our lives who we are closest too. The one hard thing about gift giving, is that is can sometimes feel hard to give thoughtful gifts that aren’t generic! Although we all love giving & getting easy gifts (hey, who doesn’t love a good giftcard), I think that nothing beats a unique, thought out gift. I love using Amazon Handmade to find amazing gifts that are unique and one of a kind!

MY handmade favorites






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Amazon Handmade is a place where thousands of artisans and creatives around the world can sell their homemade products. My favorite thing about Amazon Handmade is that you can actually use Amazon Prime on many of the items, which ensures you quick delivery for the Holidays! You can shop by person, price, or occasion, which makes it really easy to find special items for whatever the holiday or season. You can also shop by specific country; where Amazon proudly shares product handmade from over 65 different countries. You can also search for a specific artisan and purchase multiple items from your favorites! I love the variety of gifts as well; anything from home decor and wall art, to gifts for your pets, skincare, and custom jewelry. All four homemade items I bought were under $100 for all of them.

a few really great items I am thrilled about!


There are two skincare brands that I purchased items from that I am super excited to try. They both have great reviews on Amazon too! Both of these would make great gifts for the beauty buff in your life, who loves her skincare, but maybe has tried a lot of name brands. “Molly With Love” makes a few different products that are sold on Amazon, but I was the most excited to try this Vitamin C Toner. Since it is Vegan / Paraben Free / Phthalate-Free / Gluten Free and Certified Cruelty Free, this is the perfect way to exfoliate and add that GLOW back into your skin, in the healthiest way possible. Especially since allergies are becoming more common, I love that this is an effective skincare option! This toner “gently exfoliates the skin and infuses it with Vitamin C, which smoothes unwanted texture, addresses hyper pigmentation, and provides a ‘lit from within’ glow”.


I love the selection of thoughtful and handmade jewelry that I found on Amazon Handmade. Coming from someone who wears a lot of rings, I am literally obsessed with this Sterling Silver hammered thumb ring that was less than $30. I love that this specific ring can fit any size.. “it has been, shaped, hammered, sanded and polished all from hand. It is a size 10 ring and could be used on any finger, but made wide to accommodate the thumb. It can be adjusted up to 2 sizes smaller or larger”. I found a lot of jewelry that you could personalize, add a wedding or anniversary date to, initials, or customize by adding birthstone colors.


When I first started searching for home decor and wall art, I came across a lot of really one-of-a-kind and special looking pieces that would make amazing gifts. I loved that there were a lot of paintings, drawings, and wall art to choose from, but this specific gold foil piece stood out to me the most! I really love this saying, “it’s so good to be home” because it would make the sweetest housewarming gift for a friend, or a gift to your spouse too. Plus, I am always changing up the gallery wall behind my couch, so this is a easy way to always have access to hundred of new fresh designs to choose from whenever I decided I want a new piece of art to add.

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Make sure you check out Amazon Handmade next time when you buy gifts for all of those special people in your life! They have a limitless selection of thoughtful, unique, and inspiring gifts for everyone on your list. I think that it is super important to go back to the meaning of gift giving, and think about why we give gifts. It isn’t so we can feel good about ourselves, or that we can show off how much we spent on someone. Gifts are a thoughtful way to say, “I love you and I am thankful for you, and this made me think of you”.

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