Three Easy Ways To Recharge & Make Time For Yourself

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With everything that adds up or gets thrown at us in life, there oftentimes doesn’t seem like enough time in the day to get everything done. We drain ourselves at work, trying to please other people, and rarely are left with any time to ourselves. If you are like me, you might actually really love and NEED time to yourself to recharge and feel like you are setting yourself up to be the best version of YOU. By the end of the day, there is rarely enough time to just have ME time. But something I have learned over the years is that it’s actually super important to your health (mental and physical) and better for your relationships, to take time for yourself every once and a while. It is good to step away from work, life, stress, and even the good things in your life, and really take time to recharge and find some down time.

Being intentional about setting aside time to recharge will help you feel more in control of your day. A lot of stuff comes up every day, but when you can learn to create some margin and space where you can relax and recharge, you are going to feel much stronger when you are going in to your day! Here are simple things that you can practice & add into your week to help keep margin and peace in your life. 

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Three Easy Ways To Recharge & Make Time For Yourself



I am sure you have seen these Capri Blue candles everywhere; they are the most delicious smelling candle you have ever lit I can promise you that haha! I have loved Capri Blue candles for years now, ever since I was in high school and my mom would light them in my parents house. They might equally be as known for their simple and chic shape, as they are for the smell. I love that they have seasonal candle styles that are always unique and beautiful. One of my favorite candles is the green glass jar; I love the color green! It is seriously stunning in our home. The first time Matt saw the candle he literally picked it up and said “WOW this is such nice quality, I love the way it feels” haha! I was like wow, you are right haha now can I buy another? LOL! Seriously though, does anything beat lighting a sweet smelling candle, turning off. your phone, and opening up a good book?


“No phone zone” is pretty simple, but it is something that can seem literally so impossible to do. If you think about it, we are literally attached to our phones 24/7. They are incredible tools for maintaining relationships, building new ones, sharing and capturing memories, and keeping us connected, but sometimes we forget that there is life outside of them haha! Creating times of the day or week that are strictly NO PHONE can help you create margin in your life, as well as foster relationships in front of you. We sometimes forget that our life is pretty freaking great when our eyes are glued to what everyone else is doing. So create a time each day to set aside your phone and just be present. If you have a family or husband/wife, maybe try doing this during dinner. You might be surprised what conversations come from a no phone zone. It will help you refocus on what is right in front of you too!


When I was in high school I used to journal a TON! I found it really therapeutic to jot down thoughts and feelings, and oftentimes likes to play worship music while I was writing. Well here I am in my mid 20’s and to be honest it seems like there is no time in my life that I can make room to get back to writing like that. But if you think about how much time we make for so many other things, I bet you too could carve out a little 15 minute time in your day to get out a pen and paper and write some thoughts down. If you are stuck on what to write about, try starting out with 10 things you are thankful for. Chances are, when you get to #10 you will probably keep writing haha! When we take the time to actually step back and think about how blessed we are and all of the wonderful things in our life, it doesn’t take long for them to add up. In the same way, thinking negative thoughts can just as easily add up. So don’t give in to those thoughts. Don’t make time for them and definetly don't write them down in a journal haha!

The more you practice speaking life into your life, the more abundance of joy you will find. SO set aside some time in the week to journal and write out your thoughts, ambitions, what brings you joy, or your dreams and speak those truths over your life! / How to Relax & Make Time For Yourself

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