A Very Fall Day

Although there has been the usual spurts of Washington rain this fall, its been a fairly dry season so far. Which lucky for us in the Pacific Northwest means blue skies and sunshine! There is not a more beautiful time of year to enjoy the outdoors; my favorite thing is all of the orange trees! I get MAJOR heart eyes every time we drive or walk past one, and my whole phone is filled with pictures of their gorgeous vibrant leaves. Matt and I have been talking about doing the pumpkin patch this year, which is a classic fall favorite! It just so happens that our schedules worked with my bestfriend Amy, and her husband Justin, who live on the East Central side of Washington. Roadtrip!

Amy and Justin live in this cute little house in Ellensburg, and we got to be their first house guests! Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to the sun shining and birds chirping, its was perfect. We went outside to warm up our car (it had frost on it already!) and we noticed the HUGE orange tree in the yard across the street from their place. Matt was a trooper as I made him take a picture with me in front of it ha! Our first stop of the day was a little restaurant down the street that used to be an old church building, It was painted completely yellow but still had the classic stained glass windows and details that kept its character. After we stuffed ourselves on potatoes, scrambled eggs, and biscuits, it was off to get some coffee for the pumpkin patch! One thing I love about the East side is that small towns are so easy to get around. We maybe drove ten minutes the whole time we were out and about, because everything was so close!

Next stop on the agenda: find the perfect pumpkin! I have been all about white and grey pumpkins this year, they are so unique looking! But since our little apartment already has enough of those, we scoped out the most perfect round orange pumpkin. It seems like such a silly tradition, but there is something about a warm drink in your hand, walking through a pumpkin patch and corn rows, and just being out in the crisp fall air. Like going to the fair, or carving pumpkins, it's one of those things that HAS to be done each fall. I was so filled with happiness that we were able to spend time with some of our closest friends and enjoy each others company, even if for just a day - this little pumpkin patch in Ellensburg has become one of my favorite memories with them!