Brunch @ Little Brother

little brother
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It seems like I am always seeing pictures and posts on Instagram of the cutest little coffee shops and restaurants, yet I always go to the same places I know and love, instead of branching out. Why is that?! One restaurant I have come to love over the last year is a market & catering company based out of Kirkland called Deru. Everything in store is homemade, local, and fresh. A month ago I saw on their Facebook page that the chefs who started Deru were opening a new place in Kirkland called Little Brother, so I knew I wanted to check it out! I meant to try it out during the summer when the farmer's market was going on, but it never seemed to work with my schedule.

Today was the day! One of my closest friends from college, Blaire, and I decided to try out Little Brother for breakfast this morning. It is for real the cutest place of all time! We were laughing as we were being seated because we probably looked crazy for taking pictures of everything.. but how could you not?

Everything was so well thought out and beautiful. We ended up sitting at a huge wooden table that fills the center of the restaurant that was covered in amazing green and white pumpkins. It was festive but also went with the very natural and bright look. The whole menu looked delicious too! There was waffles, toast with house made jellies, cookies, scones, cocoa.. the list was long. We decided on poached eggs (they were UNREAL like how does an EGG taste that good!), apple turnovers, and hazelnut lattes. Everything was super tasty and fresh. The coffee was really good, especially for not being a "coffee shop"; they do offer it but they also serve so much more! We were so thrilled when the lattes came out with design on them, it was such a pretty touch.

We must have talked and ate for two or three hours before the place started to fill with people. It was nice to get a little bit of quiet before the morning rush, to just enjoy the coffee and catch up! If you are ever in Kirkland, or even in cities surrounding, make sure you stop in! Whether its a quick treat, or a sit down meal, chances are you're going to love it and want to come back for more. I know I do!