Friendsgiving Brunch

On Sunday Matt and I hosted brunch for our two good friends who recently got married. I love, and have always loved, being a host and opening my home up. Growing up I remember watching my mom prepare, cook, and decorate for friends coming over and different holiday parties. I dreamed that someday I would have the space that would allow me to share what we've been blessed with, with others! Although we live in a small apartment, it's the COZIEST place and we love to fill it with people and serve them.

I have been all about greenery and white ever since our wedding in February; I think it is classy, simple and elegant with small touches of gold & copper. So for our table decorations I started with my everyday Martha Stewart plates and Crate & Barrel glasses. I used white napkins that have small gold thread stitched through them in a really simple pattern that I love. These green glasses we actually used as candle votives at our wedding; my mom and I found them at Goodwill and scored (I found them online for like $10 a piece and we got them for $1)! Some of my favorite home decor & kitchen purchases have been from second-hand stores because they always have a big selection of different styles. People get rid of things that are brand new, and you would be surprised how much money you can save on amazing things, you just have to go in with an open mind and usually not be too specific for what you're looking for. I am all about copper right now, and I've found some really cool canisters, kitchen utensils, and bowls that would have been so much more full price!

Some other places I find inspiration for my home are: Hobby Lobby, Pottery Barn, Target ($3 section am I right?!), and Michaels Craft Store. I love that these store change inventory almost weekly, ensuring that every time I go in there is new product and a variety of items to mix and match together. You can find great deals on things like glasses, candle votives, candles, and chalk boards, because they are everywhere right now.

I was inspired to make this "Give Thanks" sign from a picture I saw on Pinterest. Instead of buying one, I had my Grandma show me how to cut the letters out on her Cricut paper machine, and strung the letters together on a small piece of raffia. I love the way it turned out. It has been perfect for this Season of Thanks, but I can see myself keeping it up or making others because it's so simple but adds a lot to the room!

This holiday season let's try and pause each day to think about all the ways we've been blessed, the people who love and surround us, and all of the blessings we have in our life. Let's try and continue this thanksgiving through Christmas and into next year, with a grateful heart, expectant of all the good that is to come!

Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving with friends & family!