Creative Cards

While opening wedding gifts, I think I was almost just as excited about the cards then the actual gifts! Seriously though how cute are these? These three hold the spots for my top favorites. Just like we are seeing a lot more graphic tees, colorful patches on denim, and all gold e'rthang in fashion, I'm seeing these similar trends in stationary. I love how letterpress, gold foil, and creative phrases are so popular right now!

I lived in Bellingham for four years while in college, and there were so many little shops that I came to love. For birthdays in our house the girls went ALL OUT with decorations; one of these being cards. We had one store (Spruce) that sells super cute cards, stationary, balloons, pens, and decorations. I could bet that on any given birthday one of the girls had bought a card from Spruce! Now shops like this are becoming more trendy. Paper Source is probably the most well known for their creative card selection and cutesy decor. Even though these stores are popping up all over as they become more popular, I still love that little store! One of my favorite things about these is that they can be put in a frame and used as the cutest little decor. I am hoping to frame a few of my favorite cards and get them up on shelves in the next few days as our place continues to get set up!