Copper Is The New Gold

Mixing metals is my THING; I swear I can't decide on just one. But if I had to pick.. I would say gold and copper are two I love. I found myself being drawn to copper for decorating our home, especially in the kitchen, and I think it was mostly based of these old 1950's canisters my Grandma Sankey gave me years ago. She was gifted them when she got married and got great years of use out of them before gifting them to me. I used them throughout college and now in our home they sit on the counter, years later, watching another love story unfold. They influenced my love for this metal, and I think in the right accent pieces adds the perfect touch to our home.

1. Measuring Cups
2. Wall Clock
3. Hammered Canister Set
4. Moscow Mule Mugs
5. Clip Set
6. Cocolux Candles
7. French Press
8. Pitcher / Vase

With copper, or any accent color really, I think a little goes a long way! I have the canisters out on the counter, a clock on the wall, and a vase that is on the table, but the rest of the detail items can be kept away until you use them! Too much copper (silver, brass, or gold for that matter) can look cheesy and make your home feel too metallic and modern, where I like a more cozy look.