Lady Yum

I am a huuuge fan of treats; I like to eat healthy and cook well-balanced meals, but at the end of the day I am not saying "no" to a tasty treat. This morning my good friend and I got breakfast in Kirkland and walked to our favorite little dessert shop, Lady Yum. I first came across Lady Yum last Summer, although it has been in Kirkland, WA for the last few years. It is the cutest little shop right on Main Street that sells macarons and champagne. Macarons have become hugely popular within the last few years, and it seems like every blogger I follow eats them religiously. Can we blame them?! These things are GOOD.

I usually buy a box of 10 and pick two of each flavor, so I know when on is finished I have another of that flavor! These two, currently my two favorites, are espresso and toasted coconut. I love that they use ingredients, like coffee, salt, caramel, and milk, from local businesses! Try them out & grab a box to go - your friends will thank me!

Also because I clearly can't stay away from fashion for too long.. my shoes are Nike Air Max Thea and my friends shoes are Steve Madden "Ecentrcq" in Grey!