Spring Table Setting

Today is the first official day of Spring! I love this season because it seems so full of changes; days are brighter longer, flowers are blooming, and the weather is getting warmer. Since we finally got a dining room table I am having so much fun finding ways to decorate it in simple ways that make our place feel bright and Springy! This was the table setting I decided on for dinner with our first ever house guests on Friday!

While decorating our place I have tried to keep it clean and fresh, but also really want our space to feel comfortable and like a cozy home. I don't have much color so for Spring brighter flowers are something I really like. These purple ones, paired with palm leaves, seemed like a good option for our table this week.

I found these cute floral cloth napkins at Khols when I was there returning some things the other day; I wasn't even looking for napkins they were just on an amazing sale and caught my eye! The floral print looks like watercolor so they add some soft colors to our wooden dining room table, especially since all our plates and chairs are white. I am looking forward to using them all Spring and even into Summer, and I think they will go really well with all colors of flowers and accent plates because the variety of color. To help save money (or in our case space because we don't have enough storage to keep multiple colors of napkins!) find napkins that can be used in lots of ways and match most of what you have!

Adding a few candles adds light and different heights to the table, I also like having two candles that are different to add more color and texture. These adorable green goblets were used on the tables at our wedding, and I love they way they look with a little light in them. We actually found them at a thrift store.. and looking at the price they go for online I am pretty excited we found them! Any small dish or glass can be cute used for a candle as well!

So what was on the menu?! Some of my favorites:
- Chicken Alfredo Pasta.. my mom makes it SO good, I will share her secrets soon!
- Salad (I like to mix romaine lettuce, spinach, avocado, apple, bacon bits, tomato, and croutons - it's like a mix between Caesar and a BLT!)
- Garlic Bread
- Asparagus

I love the way this simple Spring table turned out, and I can't wait for many more dinner parties to come!