DERU Market

Yesterday my cousin Kendra and I decided to go on a hike since we both had the day off. The weather said there was only a 30% chance of rain, so we thought we would be completely fine.. little did we know it would pour the entire way! We got to the top of Rattlesnake Ledge and the whole view was covered in fog, although it still was very beautiful. After hiking back down we realized we were so hungry! To treat ourselves after the hike we decided we wanted to try out Deru Market, a restaurant and catering business in Kirkland that we had heard lots of good things about, but never checked out ourselves.

When we walked in we had no idea what to order, or what was even good, but we came to find out EVERYTHING is good.. literally, everything. You can't really go wrong with a simple margarita pizza, so I went with that and Kendra opted for a chicken sandwich and arugula salad. First of all, everything was delivered to the table so fast. Second, the food was AMAZING! All the ingredients were really fresh and made the food flavorful and light. Not to mention the atmosphere is cheerful, clean & bright even on a dreary Washington day. We loved the vibe!

One thing we drooled over (but were too stuffed to get this time) was the cake. Coconut cake with roasted flakes all around the sides, peanut butter chocolate cake; you name it they have it. I was told that the Jam Drop, which is basically a sweet oat cookie with rhubarb jam filling, was seasonal and a must-try so we got that. It did not disappoint! Deru is super cute, trendy and eclectic, and mostly has really good simple food that will bring you back again & again. Let me know what your favorite thing to order is, I will try it next time I go!