Spring Things

I woke up this morning to the sunrise pushing bright beams of orange light into my living room, and I fell in love with Spring all over again. I was inspired to share a few of my favorite Spring things (for lack of a better word) with you all!

First off, Spring means tons and tons of fresh flowers. I'm taking like.. I redo my floral arrangements in our house several times a week. Matt probably thinks I am crazy for how much I change them out but I just love the way they brighten up a home and can add so much vibrancy to a room! Tulips seem to be really cheap right now, and there is the cutest farmers market right by my house that sells two bundles for $6 - deals! I love that they are so clean and simple, and if you change the water out ever two days they last a long time too!

Spring also means LAYERS, as in, today I am wearing a tanktop (it's so cute I barely could cover it up), a sleeveless zip up sweatshirt, and a suede jacket. Just because its sunny doesn't mean it ain't COLD; especially when I am sipping my Starbucks (Iced Caramel Macchiato with Coconut Milk is my jam) with my cousin outside as we try to get our tan on in 58 degree weather. But here's the thing about layers that makes them so amazing; they are even mooore cute than practical. Sure, if it gets too warm I can take my jacket off, but more than that how cute does the hood of my sweatshirt look coming out of my jacket?! Call me crazy, but layers are my thing.

So, it's no secret that my "Spring Things" list could be a mile long, but I really think sometimes it's good to just talk about what we LOVE, what makes us happy, and those little things that we look forward to. I hope this gets you thinking about those small things that you enjoy, especially during this gorgeous time of year!

P.S. This is my amazing cousin Kendra, whom I love dearly! We have weekly date-days together on our days off which usually ends up meaning we get our nails done & go out to eat.. she SO gets me. Today she was lucky enough to get to hear me blab on about the color yellow (see newest post under STYLE tab) and how I wanted to try it out on my nails. HA! Being able to spend time with friends & family is another thing that makes the top of my list of favorites!