Around The Table

When our dining room table was in the works, Matt and I had been eating around the coffee table in our living room. Even though weren't able to sit at an actual table with chairs (our couch was one big comfy chair for us!), I still think there is significance in gathering together for a meal. It creates intentional time together; time to talk about your days, relax & unwind, and enjoy fueling your bodies back up!

I have always LOVED cooking; in fact, from abut the age of 10 until 18 I was pretty sure I wanted to be a chef. When I was younger, probably before I should have even been allowed near a stove, my cousin & I would make up recipes and pretend we were chefs at our own restaurant. I spent countless hours (okay, I will admit, I still do) watching Food Network and thinking up creative meals.

Although I am clearly not a chef,  I love spending time in the kitchen. I try to cook breakfast, dinner, and just began meal prepping lunches. Meals don't have to be time consuming and full of difficult ingredients you will never use again. Cooking for me is about finding foods I love and using them in multiple ways. Now, newly married, I can use that creative passion to cook and create simple meals that are delicious and easy. Plus, cooking for two opens up a whole new door for cooking; less people means more opportunity for leftovers!

As I start to cook more, dig into recipe books, blogs, & recreate my moms simple dishes, I would love to post about my favorites! I am also going to post pictures around the table, because that's where I like to unwind, build up relationships, and enjoy what I have made with people I love!