Creating Meaning In Your Home

Sometimes I look around our little apartment and just get overwhelmed with JOY. We have pictures from our wedding on the wall, Polaroids of friends on a cork board by our door, cards pinned up with the sweetest words in them, and gifts filling our cabinets from people who love us. There are reminders of how much we are loved everywhere welook.

Last week my whole family came over for brunch after church; we made so many scrambled eggs and cinnamon rolls I thought I would never have enough room in me to eat again! Before my parents came over, my dad asked if we wanted to put the hutch he made for our wedding in our space. We were nervous it wouldn't fit or would be too crowded. But we measured out where it would be on the floor, moved our little table, and made room for it. When it finally was up against the wall, we could see just how perfect it was!

This is my favorite spot in our house! The hours of work my dad and grandpa put into this hutch was astounding. I had a vision to make a table for the cake and donuts, and what they made come to life was beyond what I could have imagined!

On our wedding day it added the perfect touch, and now in our first home we can be reminded of our special day & all the love that was poured into it, for us.

I am having TOO much fun decorating it with bowls, plates, glasses, and cookbooks! I love that is it practical for serving food on, or holding decorations, but more than that, it reminds me that it is important to create meaning in your home. Fill your place with things of value to YOU and you make any space feel like a home.