Bedroom Details

As our apartment comes together and we find more ways to decorate the rooms and empty walls, I have loved being able to put my taste and spin on everything. Overall I love a really clean, classic look, so there are a lot of fresh white walls and details in our home, and I think our room shows that clean fresh look really well. Today was also laundry day; truly nothing beats a big, fluffy white comforter!

Here are some of my favorite details from our bedroom so far!

I have this STUNNING bouquet of flowers left over from the Sinclair & Moore Workshop last week that I knew needed to right by my bedside; every day I wake up smelling the fresh blooms and the beautiful pastel colors bring so much light and warmth to our bedroom! Also, how amazing is that photo Andie Avery Photography took on our wedding day?! I mean seriously, she killed it.

The soft touches of grey on our pillowcases, as well as in the detailing of the "Mr & Mrs" pillow Matt's mom gave us (similar), are just enough to offset all the white. Placing the bouquet into a copper and gold vase also brings warmth and color to the room, and matches well with this adorable frame I found at Hobby Lobby!

I am a sucker for anything cursive, hand written signs, and especially if they are GOLD. I like that this specific sign looks hand written, and the gold leaf detailing is truly beautiful in person. It adds a pop of color to the wall and yet is simple enough to match any decor that we decide to add to the room! I love this little corner in our home.