Yellow Roses

Every year since I was a little girl, on my birthday my dad has bought me one rose for every year. This year was no exception! On Tuesday night dinner at my parents, he had a beautiful bouquet of 23 roses on the counter. My mom loves this because she gets to keep whatever is leftover from the dozen that didn't make it into my number - this year she only got one rose though haha!

When Matt and I got home that night I separated the flowers into different bouquets so there would be more color in our home, and I already had some yellow flowers I wanted to add the yellow roses to. As I was arranging the flowers into the vase I couldn't help but smile remembering a story my Grandma had told me about yellow roses.

When she married my Grandpa almost 60 years ago, they didn't have a lot of money, so she had to pick the cheapest flowers out of what was available at that time for her bouquet. She wasn't picky, and didn't have any expectations for what the flowers would be, but they ended up being yellow roses in her bouquet. Ever since she has LOVED them & they are so special to her. I will always remember her when I see them!