Wenatchee Half Marathon

Every April for the last five years, my mom and I have run a Half Marathon together. It might sound crazy but.. we don't train and don't ever run throughout the year (NOT recommended!) Even though we aren't considered "runners" we find accomplishment in sticking with it each year and completing the 13.1 miles - no matter what our pace or final time is. This year my dad decided he wanted to join and run with us! I think it's amazing that my parents, who are both now 50+, have the athletic and mental ability to do something so challenging, and really succeed at it. I think both my parents were pulling me along this time ha! 

My mom and I love to spend time looking for cute, colorful (that is a MUST) matching outfits to wear for the run, and every year we go with a completely different look. We usually end up finding the best pants or shorts from TJ Maxx, because they sell Nike, Adidas, Calvin Clein, and so many other athletic brands at an amazing price! Here are some of our past looks! As you can see we are all about that COLOR!

This specific run is in Wenatchee (East Side of Washington), so we enjoy driving over and staying at our cabin on Lake Entiat, about a half an hour away from where the run takes place. My parents, myself, and Matt always enjoy the weekend of sunshine and being on the lake. I think Matt mostly enjoys getting to play basketball and treating himself to a big breakfast in town while we run haha! He is always at the end cheering us on over the finish line though! A friend of mine at work used to live in Wenatchee and mentioned a place in town that sells acai bowls, and we decided we were going to go after the run. A perfect treat to refuel yourself!

Between the four of us, we got two different kinds of bowls. Both with the same acai berry base, but one was topped with strawberries and the other with apples and honey - a treat very true to the Wenatchee name! I always look forward to this weekend; it is a really fun and special tradition, and I am already excited for the summer to come get more of these acai bowls!