Healthy Bonez

Yesterday was another gorgeous, sunny Seattle day, and I got to spend it with one of my best friends! I hadn't seen Jaclyn since our wedding in February, so it was a much needed time to hangout and catch up on life.

I've been following a company on Instagram for some time, called Healthy Bonez, but haven't had time to get to Kirkland in the last few sunny weeks to try them. They are a fruit bowl & smoothie truck that has been stationed in Kirkland for about nine months. I always see them post these huge, amazingly colorful, mouthwatering acai bowls, and with the warm sun it seemed like a perfect day to check them out!

We were not disappointed! I got the "Beast Mode" bowl, made with spinach nice-cream (dairy free!) and topped with blueberries, kiwi, blackberries, homemade granola, coconut, and honey drizzle. Talk about amazing! Jaclyn got the classic "Acai Berry Bowl", which was equally amazing; hers was filled with a thick berry smoothies, coconut, strawberries, banana, and the same granola.

Acai bowls were first invented by the Brazilians, but when they were adopted by Hawaiians they moved towards a more sweeter flavor. Commonly topped with coconut, granola, and honey, they became extremely popular in the US when they worked their way into California. I like to make my own version of smoothie bowls, adding whatever fruits and nuts I have on hand, but the flavors in these were incredible - not to mention they serve smoothies and fresh cold pressed juices.. I will be back soon!