Cannon Beach

Matt, myself, and two other friends had been planning a trip to the Oregon Coast for Matt's birthday next weekend, but when the plans fell through we thought why not just make it a day trip on our next day off?! Sunday was the perfect day for a road trip; sunny, blue skies, and some of the best people packed into the car. I anticipated the weather was going to be around 65 and windy, like the coast usually is, but when we stepped out of the car we were shocked - it was 85! Although we didn't come quite as prepared as we could have been (umm.. we were all wearing long pants!), the day was perfect and ended up being a great little day escape.

Here are some things I knew I couldn't leave the house without (for obvious reasons!!):
1. Pendleton Blanket
2. Polariod Camera
3. Rainbow Sandals
4. Backpack

Also.. if you are ever driving through Oregon, you HAVE to listen to Mat Kearney's 'Coming Home' while you drive through, its such a happy road trip song!

There are a million things to do in Cannon Beach! We started out walking through town and got coffee, stopped for crepes, then made our way to the beach. You can bike along the town, play in the water, walk along the beach and marvel at the MASSIVE rock (Haystack Rock) jetting out of the water. There are tons of shops with tourist trinkets, toys, jewelry, sunglasses, clothes - you name it they have it. Even with no agenda, these small towns along the coast are beautiful places to explore.

Here's a list of places we got to eat at for each meal & REALLY enjoyed!
Breakfast @ Insomnia Coffee Co
Lunch @ Crepe Neptune
Ice cream @ A&J's Ice Cream Plus
Dinner @ Pizza a Fetta

We enjoyed such a great day on the coast, any time we get to spend with friends enjoying the outdoors and being together is SO fun. I encourage you to do something "out of the ordinary"; go take a road trip, go somewhere you haven't been before, or revisit an old favorite place you haven't been in a while! Good memories are not made with a bigger bank account, but the best memories are when you are invested in those relationships around you, and you can learn to have fun in even the simplest situations.

This trip wasn't about going somewhere or doing anything crazy, but just about being present with those around us and enjoying what is so beautiful & SO close to us! Pizza and ice cream on the beach has never tasted better.