DIY Dining Room Table

For our first place Matt and I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a dining room table that might not match the style or even fit in our next place, so we thought the best way to create the look we want and get the best deal was to find something that was okay and make it what we want. Matt's mom found this table at Goodwill in Issaquah, and it was the perfect size for our space although we were not fond of the dark stain used on the top. Easy fix.

It took two days to transform this table; the first night we sanded the top down until it was smooth, but kept the legs dark because that same contrast matches our coffee table! The next day we wiped the top down with mineral oil, which seals the top against water stains and food, but keeps the finish light and doesn't give it much of a stain. The chairs we bought were black, and it did take a whole can of spray paint to completely cover each one, but overall that is fairly cheap and it was easy because they were sanded smooth for the most part already.

We love the finished product! It was so easy to change the look of this table - and cost SO much less than buying a whole dining set. I like that the chairs we painted white brighten up our space, but I am also excited that we can always repaint them an accent color if we ever want to! Because they were so cheap (I think $5 a piece) we can feel good about changing the colors or finding new ones if we update the space or move!

I am completely loving this "EAT' marquee sign that we put up on our wall! In a small space it can be hard to figure out what to decorate with, and I love that this adds interest and some light to the wall. Monograms, initials, and words used as decorations have made a high rise in design in the last few years, and marquee signs are the next phenomenon. I got this one at Michael's Craft Store (it always seems to be on sale too - score!), but Target and Bed Bath & Beyond have similar signs.