When You Meet Your Instagram Friend In Real Life

If you are like me, you've probably got several people that you are "friends" with online, and wished you could have a real life friendship with but never get the chance to meet. How many friendships do we lose because we don't think that they can be real and genuine when meeting via Social Media? Probably more than we think! Well, last week I met my Instagram friend in real life.. and she's 10x cooler than I even thought she was.

Cara and I connected via Instagram a few weeks ago; I think she popped up in my Explore feed, and initially I loved that her page was bright & colorful. When I started to scroll through her posts I realized she was also a really positive, encouraging, and adventurous person, and it seemed like we would be real friends if ever given the chance to meet. She followed me back and actually sent me a message about meeting up, but I didn't realize she actually lives in Washington (same as me!). We texted a little bit and got so excited when we realized how close we were - and decided to meet up at City Church that next week!

It was hilarious that we both showed up wearing PINK (duh?!), and we instantly hit it off. I think the best part about being your true self online, is that when you meet people in person you don't have to prove anything - just be 100% who you are!

So what did I learn from meeting my new friend? SO much.

1. Life is meant to share with people, the more you reach out to and surround yourself with, the more relationships you have the chance to be involved in & blessed by.
2. Put yourself OUT THERE! Be bold and reach out, make connections, and use social media for what it's purpose is.
3. Be yourself, because "your VIBE attracts your TRIBE", aka what you talk about, do, & post about, will attract those same people. And you wand to surround yourself with friendships that reflect you and build you up.

I hope this encourages you to reach out for new friendships & make the most of time spent with people around you!