Sinclair & Moore: The Dream Team

This past April I had the amazing opportunity (literally a DREAM come true) to be a part of a floral workshop in Seattle; hosted by one of the top wedding planners in the business. 

Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved flowers; my favorites being roses, peonies, and hydrangeas to name a few. I love the way they light up a room, add a burst of color, and the sweet perfume they give off. Over the years I have started to enjoy even more the art of putting together a bouquet. Sure, flowers are gorgeous on their own, but when we can manipulate them and combine certain ones together we can create even more stunning displays.


When Steve Moore, the co-founder of Sinclair & Moore Events reached out to me and asked if I would help with the styled shoot at his Spring workshop I was thrilled. What an opportunity! Steve and his wife Jamie have been in the business of weddings for years. They brings their unique talents together to create the most dynamic, productive, and creative team you could imagine. I love that they are so passionate about what they do, that even in the midst of extravagant weddings, dinner parties, and events, they make time to share what they love doing with others. They are the very best in the business, and teaching their skills and knowledge to other creatives will help push the envelope for all floral designers & weddings planners - as well as those who just love a beautiful bouquet & want to know how to better create one!

Every Spring Steve offers several courses for flower enthusiasts to hone in on their floral skills and get creative ideas for those in the industry. Along with those in the industry, there are also courses more targeted towards those who have the passion but might be beginners. Whatever your level of knowledge is, you will leave his workshops with a fresh outlook and more enthusiasm for floral design. All courses cover tips on how to gain clients, run a small business, reach out and gain credibility, and stay on top of what's trending now for floral design. The courses he offered this year are shown at the bottom!

In their element, Steve and Jamie are pretty amazing to watch. Jamie is the hostess; she does all the behind-the-scenes work to make a day happen. She is the most thoughtful and sweet person who makes everyone feel comfortable with her smile. Steve puts on the show; he is in his zone while working with flowers. He is a great teacher, not only on the basics of making an amazing bouquet, but he is incredibly knowledgeable about the flowers, what is in season, what colors work together to create the best pallet, and strives to gift that knowledge to others willing to learn.

They are currently based out of Seattle, WA, in a stunning studio that truly lets their work be shown off. When I walked in the door I was amazed. The space is all white, has tall ceilings and a focal point with a giant mirror and dresser that draws your attention to the front. Just like Steve's floral displays, the space calls for your attention and it's in the small thoughtful details that makes it one of a kind.

I had tons of fun learning from Jamie and Steve, getting to wear my wedding dress again, and holding the beautiful bouquets all the ladies at the workshop made. I met some very talented individuals who work SO hard to be the best at what they do. My makeup artist, Erin Skipley, was extremely humble and kind, but like.. does makeup for Macklemore. How crazy is that?! She went for a bolder look by curling my hair and teasing it out, while keeping my face makeup natural. A deep coral lip was the perfect choice; I think it matches some of the flowers and adds a bright pop of color!

Overall this is an experience I will likely never forget. Being surrounded by people who are quite literally the BEST, and most highly recognized for the work in their field, is inspiring. Not only did I learn a lot (umm.. how about that it can sometimes take hours or even DAYS to complete the perfect bouquet?!), I made relationships and connected with people who can help teach and grow me to be even better at what I do! Passion, attitude, and outlook are all contagious, and I feel even more excited to be pursuing what I love most!

Check out these AMAZING talented people who made this day so perfect!

Film Photography: Scott & Ashlee O'Malley
Hair & Makeup: Erin Skipley @ Studio Artist Collective
Workshop: Steve & Jamie Moore