Sunflower Bridal Shower

Last Saturday I had the privilege of throwing my bestfriend a bridal shower for her wedding coming up in just about a month. Amy and I met at church when we were 14 after being placed in the same cabin group for a trip we were taking to Mexico. Although at the time it may have looked like we had nothing in common (besides our undying love for the Jonas Brothers) we hit it off fast and became quick friends.

Through the years Amy has truly been what you would hope a "best" friend would be. She's caring, sends me text messages randomly to say she misses me, we plan vacations together, tell each other everything, and trust one another. She is like my sister! And who doesn't get excited when their bestfriend or sister is getting MARRIED?! I mean, come on. There isn't much that makes me more happy! So planning this shower for her was an absolute blast.

Amy's wedding is going to be October 1st of this year; it's going to be country and at a beautiful barn on the East side of Washington. I wanted to play off of the colors of her wedding and use colors and flowers she likes, contrary to a more common pink bridal shower that we usually see. The morning of I drove to the Edmonds Farmers Market which is about 20 minutes from Bothell, because they literally have the most insane bouquets! I mean look at these flowers! If you have a farmers market or garden available, use them first. Grocery stores and flower shops mark up prices so much, you end up getting about 1/3 of what you could get for the same price here. Each of these bouquets was only $10. And sunflowers for $1 a stem? Yes please, I will take a dozen! I love the way yellow and blue works together, and the sunflowers and touches of gold kept it feminine and fun.

For lunch we had pulled pork sliders, strawberry shortcake, cookies, fresh fruit, and lemonade, sticking with the summer theme! I was so excited with how the day turned out, the people who came, and how much fun we had celebrating Amy. What a beautiful and sunny day it was too! I am so excited to watch my bestfriend walk down the aisle in just about a month as she marries HER bestfriend and commits to life with him! This has been such a sweet time of life and it is so cool to see friendships change and grow over time; looking back I don't think we could've imagined where we would be or what life would look like at this age but it sure is amazing!