Our Favorite Tradition

The Summer Matt and I met, we went to the fair on a double date with my brother and his girlfriend (they have been married for three years now and have a baby, the cutest boy in the world!). Since Matt was a few years older than me and I was still in high school, while he pursued me he planned a lot of double dates to make it more casual and less pressure. All the while he is texting me, calling me, and sending me little gifts via mail, and yet I swear I have no idea he likes me haha! To this day he still laughs about that and can't figure out how I was so naive and silly to not think that his intentions were to date me. 

One of the first dates we went on was to the Evergreen State Fair! I remember going on rides together and having literally the funnest time - even though it was rainy and cold, we were all laughing and having such a good time. I think I really started to fall for Matt then!

One of the best parts of the fair is the FOOD, am I right?! I think we must talk about how many scones were going to eat the whole week leading up to the fair because they are that good. We love to buy a bakers dozen (13 scones!) and eat them for breakfast the next few days after; they heat up really fast in the microwave and are even good cold! Since we have become more involved with YoungLife in the last year, we decided to stop by the YoungLife BBQ stand this year where we ran into some other leaders from camp and checked out their huge BBQ turkey legs. Everything is so tasty!

The very first year we were at the fair together, Matt said he would pay for me to go on the Extreme Scream, that really tall ride that shoots you up and then drops you down. I am scared of heights so just thinking about it makes my stomach sick haha! But I was trying to seem brave and maybe try to impress him a little and agreed that next year would be the year I would do it. Well, it's now been 7 years to the fair together and we still have yet to go on that ride - it's become a joke when we walk past that Matt asks if I want to and I always say "next year"!

I love traditions, especially ones like the fair, because it gets you excited for something to do together. Walking around, eating good food, watching crazy hypnotists and listening to random country bands play, and roller coasters mean that most importantly you're spending time together making memories. It's been really fun over the years to go with different family and friends and make these memories together; it will always be one of my favorite traditions!

Here are some pictures from the past 7 years at the fair!