New Year, New Hair, Same Me

You could literally scroll for hours at all the amazing hair transformations she has created on tons of women. I knew I could trust her with my hair!

She did a fantastic job.

She took this warm, dirty-blonde and sorta dull hair and made it into the perfect icy-blonde.

The reason you might consider balayage over just dying your full head of hair, or bleaching it completely, is that balayage is more about depth and painting color on specific parts of your hair. It creates much more contrast, unique colors, and fades really well into the scalp. It's designed to look more natural with a grow out, so you don't have such a straight line of grow out.

I've always been a natural blonde.

When I was growing up my brothers and I had white-blonde hair, and as the years went on it faded out to this natural dirty-blonde (bottom left). Even though I have wondered what I might look like with darker brown hair, or super light hair, I have never had the courage to dye and color my hair.

But this year I was wanting a little change!

So I made an appointment with a hairstylist I met through Instagram who does amazing balayage hair coloring.

I am really excited to have lighter, brighter hair! It's definitely something different for me, but I feel like really matches my bubbly personality! I know all about blondes having fun, but does going BLONDER mean MORE fun? We shall see!

My Before & After


Picture via Instagram account of @hairstylistemilyhorton - Follow her!