5 Favorite Places To Shop For The Home

Home Is Where The Cute Décor Is

Isn't that how the saying goes?


I think Target is probably at the top of everybody's list for anything they need (and probably don't) for their home. I can remember some super late Friday nights in high school my mom and I would head to Target and just wander the aisles. Most are open until 11pm, so it gives you plenty of time to wander around aimlessly and wait for something to speak to you haha! More often than not, we left with more than we needed. Aside from clothing, food, jewelry, swimsuits, etc.. Target has the BEST home décor stuff. A few of my favorite things to get there include pillows, coffee mugs, and picture frames. They have a huge selection of ever-changing holiday décor and lots of items that I can find year-round, shall I need to replace or add to my collection. All my dark wood picture frames are from Target. You can even download their app, Cartwheel, and get even more in store.

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel has become a more recent favorite of mine as far as home décor goes. Matt and I were given a giftcard for our wedding last year, and I didn't realize how much good stuff was in that store until I took a trip to Bellevue & saw it for myself. I love that they have the most basic, high quality items for your kitchen and dining room. I stocked up on really cute plates, all sorts of colors good for each holiday, that were about $3 each. They have glasses, mugs, vases, and any kind of stemware you could imagine. I also found a really awesome dark green pillow on sale for $20, and a little kitchen rug to match! Every nook and cranny of that store is filled with gorgeous little kitchen gadgets and trinkets.

Home Goods

If you don't have a Home Goods where you live, you're missing out! This store has rows and rows of pillows; it's almost never ending (in the best way possible). I like that you can shop this store with a theme in mind, and more likely than not you will be able to find items for your whole home that all work together. Right now you can find lots of things that are gold and copper plated, white ceramic, fresh green colors, bold Spring prints, and great wooden kitchen accessories. Here you can also find great deals on rugs, small tables, and even outdoor furniture.


If you prefer to invest in key pieces that might be a little more pricey, but will last you forever, Nordstrom is your place to go for home decorations and necessities. They have a pretty wide range of selection, from bedding to bath, and kitchen to backyard. One of my favorite blankets we own is from Nordstrom; the attention to detail and only selling items that they stand behind is evident. I also have a really beautiful copper pitcher with a gold handle, that matches a salad bowl set, both from Nordstrom. They are usually more trendy pieces, and these types of items help showcase your personal style in your home. I also love their bedding! They sell down comforters, duvets, and pillow shams, all rotating colors and patterns for each season.

TJ Maxx + Marshalls

Although Maxx and Marshalls are sometimes hard to navigate, and the product at each store is not the same across the board, they have some of the best (and most well priced) home items. I love that these stores have everything from fun bowls to bathroom towels. My favorite things they carry are always the notepads, envelopes and planners. I found a brand new Kate Spade planner at Marshalls for $20! I also love that they stock up on so many candles. Every scent and color you can imagine. These places aren't necessarily where I would go for big ticket items, but they are great for finding little gems and smaller fun items to fill shelves and help decorate a space.

Where do you like to shop to decorate you home & showcase your personal style?