Springtime Blooms

Nothin' Beats Fresh Flowers

Especially when they're delivered to your doorstep!

How gorgeous are these flowers?! I am someone who totally feels like fresh flowers brightens up my home, makes it feel cleaner and fresher, and ready for Spring, nomatter how messy it might really be haha! When I walked in the house from work last week after these flowers had been dropped off, I literally gasped at how gorgeous they are! I was not expecting them to be so vibrant, and the box they come in is even elegant and detailed. I love the gold lettering on the white box; I am going to use it to hold my hats when the flowers die!

Even though some days it doesn't really feel like Spring yet in Seattle, I am trying to keep my wardrobe colorful & lighter, and these jeans have been a super fun and unique way to wear denim this Spring! I got them on sale at Old Navy when they were having their 40% off; which they have done two separate times now, just in the last month. Keep your eyes out for good deals and it's often worth it to wait for a great sale! Paired with my Korkease clogs I scored at Nordstrom Rack, it's a really comfortable and easy outfit. The shoes are sold out at Nordstrom Rack but you can still find them at DSW for even less!

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