3 Ways To Show Thankfulness To Your Friends

3 Ways To Show Thankfulness To Your Friends

I love this time of year because it causes us to reflect on relationships, family, & friends, and pushes up towards thankfulness. It can also be a really frustrating time of year because we might not feel like we have the resources to adequately share what these friendships mean to us!

Do you ever what to show appreciation & love to your friends, but aren't sure how? Or maybe you want to buy them something meaningful but don't want to spend a ton of money? I've got a couple great ideas that are sure to make your friends feel cared for & cherished this Thanksgiving season!

- one -

Write Them A Heartfelt Note

There’s few things sweeter & simpler than a thoughtful handwritten note. Over the years I have gotten many thoughtful notes from friends; whether it be on my birthday or just a bit of encouragement, they are always impactful & meaningful. I’s probably easy for you to think of a million things you love about your best friends. When is the last time you told them how much you care for them? Sometimes a little note of love & encouragement can go a long way. 

- two -

Take Them Out To Coffee

Who doesn’t love coffee?! Next time you have a little bit of money & time, take a good friend out to treat yourselves. I think that if you are intentional with your time – even if it’s just for thirty minutes, you’re going to deepen that friendship even more!

- three -

Bring A TREAT To Their Work

Net time you’ve got some free time, bring a friend their favorite treat on their lunch break! I love baking this time of year, and what is more fun than cooking up some fresh cookies or even a pie for someone you love? Imagine how happy and special they would feel. And it is something that takes barely any time, and make such a big impact. Imagine bringing a friend lunch! It seems that I forget my lunch at home, or forget to pack one haha, at least three times a week! Who’s with me? Wouldn’t you feel so special if a friend showed up to your work with lunch!

Just remember that even a smile, or an extra "I love you!" goes a really long way. Xo