5 Favorite Coffee Shops In The Surrounding Seattle Area

Time To Drink Up!

Disclaimer: Opinions are from a non coffee-snob!

I am not a coffee snob at ALL, I mean, I love Starbucks just as much as any other girl does! In fact, I only started drinking coffee about two years ago. But I do recognize good flavor and when you don't need all the sugar and syrups in a coffee to taste good, there's probably a reason why haha! I decided to get a vanilla latte (I think Little Brother only had Hazlenut when I went) to see how they might be different. I don't usually go for hot drinks, but at all these places I chose to get the same thing to compare.. and to be honest they were all really good in their own ways! Here's a little breakdown of each of my 5 favorites.

This bright & open, aesthetically pleasing coffee shop is a "little brother" to town-favorite Deru Market. Whether you are stopping in for a latte, or a full meal, you will be blown away by the simple ingredients and impactful flavors of each menu item. I really like their toast with jam & butter, or two poached eggs for a light breakfast. I also highly recommend the hot cocoa; they make the marshmallows in-house!  

One thing I noticed after my first time going to 5 Stones, was that the service was just as good as the drink. When I walked in for the first time, the place was packed; there are literally people there all the time! I wasn't sure what to get and the gal behind the counter suggested a drink to me that had a really good buttery caramel in it, and a almost croissant (she must have known my love for those haha!). The drink was amazing, really refreshing and had great flavor. I took a seat when the wooden bench opened up and just sort of watched everything going on around me. It seems like a place people go to hangout and stay a while, and I love that!

Caffe Ladro has multiple stores located from Edmonds all the way to Seattle. Since I live in Bothell, I find myself mostly at that location, however the delicious taste doesn't vary at each location. I love getting a vanilla latte and an almond croissant. It's such a delicious combination and they always make the prettiest designs on the latte - this little heart pictured above was a surprise from them after I opened up my drink to let it cool!

This café is more than just that; it is also restaurant, bar, brunch spot, and a coffee connoisseurs dream. This whole place is picture worthy, and you can often watch those around you talking pictures of their food, drink, and the décor. It's also super bright like Little Brother, and has a great environment.

This café is interesting because they showcase a new coffee roaster each month or so, rotating between different vendors! Because of this, La Marzocco Café is a little different than the others, but they are very careful who they pick to takeover for the month, and have a really high standard for their product! The showroom/café is really big and open, and is absolutely gorgeous. Someone who really appreciates the way coffee is roasted and made would love to go here and get the full experience; served by people who are the best at what they do! It's a really cool & unique coffee place.