Community Over Competition


I have learned something very valuable over the last few months; something that is important to my blogging career, and to the growth of my friendships as well!

I have gone to more events & parties through my blog in the last 6 months than ever before in my blogging career. With these events comes a lot of small talk (can I be honest with y'all?!), and in the past I have felt like some events were sort of pointless because we all just show up and leave without any deeper connections or friendships made. WOAH. 

I never considered myself a catty or drama-filled person, but I don't think I was being super genuine or friendly either. Something about feeling like these girls were actual competition (for brands, within the community, for Instagram popularity or followers) had really got to my head.

I think it took me a while to realize that that's often my own fault. These last few months I have really put myself out there & decided to dive deeper into these friendships, and what I've experienced and seen has been AMAZING! What I have noticed is that the bloggers I have networked & met up, are the s a m e  a s  m e. We are all working really hard to grow our brands, network with companies, connect with our audiences, and all the while stay true to our own sense of style as well.

I am SO thankful for some of the friendships I have been able to grow recently, and it actually makes me so excited for what is to come.

I think more than anything these last few months have been a huge reminder to me that community is far more important than competition.

It's been really fun to throw ideas around, talk about who we are wanting to work with next, give encouragement, and even get feedback from these girls that I really need to hear!! Being a part of a group of #GIRLBOSSES is a lot more exciting than trying to succeed on your own and thinking of everybody else as your competition. I think that this also goes for girls outside of just the blogging world; I am sure you can relate, whether that be at work or even at the gym.

Let's be encouragers & walk beside people, give them helpful advice, tell them they are killin' it, & let's keep creating community!