The Reminder Of Grace

If you took just a quick glance around my moms kitchen, it wouldn't take long for you to see that she loves candles. It never matters what time of year it is, or what time of day for that matter, she has always had candles and beautiful votives all over her kitchen and dining room. They add extra light, ambiance, and a sweet scent throughout my parents home. If you think about the power even the smallest light holds, it's pretty remarkable. Even in a room dark as night you could light a candle and be able to see all over, as light pours into the darkest spaces.

For a wedding gift my mom gave Matt and I the most stunning glassybaby candle votive. It is all white and dipped in gold; so pretty even when it isn't lit it's beautiful. Glassybaby names each of their votives, and this one is named Grace. It is special to me because it's a gift from my mom that reminds me of her, but even more than that every time I light a candle in it I think of it's name.

Grace. Undeserved and unconditional love, affection, forgiveness, and trust, just to scratch the surface. You extend grace to someone who has done you wrong, and you forgive them without expecting or wishing for anything in return. Grace can also be more commonly defined as simple elegance and "refinement of movement" (Thanks Merriam-Webster Dictionary for that definition!). The way we carry ourselves, how we act, and how graceful we are with what we say and do. Grace. We need to extend it to our friends and family, and even those who have wronged or hurt us. And in marriage we need a whole lot more grace. When something doesn't go my way, I am hurt or offended, confused by misunderstood actions and words, what I need to bring to the table is more grace. More understanding, apologizing, selfless love, and less expecting something in return. Sometimes you learn to love deeper by giving it away more freely.

So when the sweet smell of Fall is wafting from my beautiful gold candle votive, I am reminded to take on that word and pray that I become someone who not only carries herself more gracefully, but is filled with grace in her actions and words.

"And if by grace, than it cannot be based on works;
if it were, grace would no longer be grace."
Romans 11:6