How To Pack For The Plane

A quick & easy guide for packing a lot of fun into one light carry on!

Alright ladies, who has been known to OVERpack? I know I have!! But as long as my suitcase is under the 50lb limit (hey, they made it a lot of weight for a reason - I'm going to use up all I can get!) I feel good about what I packed. But as soon as my bag is checked and I am walking through the airport to find my terminal with an overstuffed & under-organized carry on, the panic sets in.

What did I even pack? Where is my phone? Did I forget my charger? Why did I bring 7 books with me?

You get the point. I think we tend to overthink what we bring on a place ride, especially when it's only going to be a few hours long.

Only Pack What You Need

This Is My #1 Tip!

Seriously, think about this before packing ANYTHING; what will I need? Not three days into your trip, but what will you need and reach for while you're on the plane.

Before I get to what to pack, let's quickly discuss what I am packing all this IN. Always use a backpack if you can!! Stash your purse in your checked in bag, and take out all your personal belongings. Backpacks keep your hands free and able to eat all that good airport food instead of worrying about if you accidentally left something after you set it down ha! Here are a few things I know must be in my backpack as I am on the plane:

1. Phone & Charger.

Most airplanes now come with built in USB ports, so take advantage of it and charge up your phone while on the plane! It's also handy to have your phone close by for those beautiful in the sky pictures, or calling your Uber when you land.

2. Wallet & ID (duh!)

If you don't have these on you chances are you might not have made it past security ha!

3. Snacks

Usually something salty like beef jerky & something sweet like a bag of candy. Hello, balance?! If you forget a snack, there's always lots of kiosks and stores that have a big selection, however the prices are often marked up so it's nice to bring your own!

4. 1 Magazine & 1 Book

Don't get carried away with thinking you can read three books in one sitting haha, be realistic and think about it. I like to start with a book and then when I am feeling restless or need something a little different, magazines are a good option. I like to read InStyle, the Knot, People Style Watch, etc. Anything about weddings or fashion and I am sold.

5. Chapstick / Lipgloss

Something about being up in the air makes my skin feel so DRY. I like to be able to swipe some chapstick and then gloss on; it keeps me feeling fresh.

I mean, really what else do you need? Xo