Let's Get Social With B & K

S. Wolfe Photography

S. Wolfe Photography

2018 is our year, ladies!

I think we all go through frustrating times in our life when we feel uninspired, unworthy, and unloved. In the past I have felt like I am the only one who sometimes feels this way, and it has made me shut down and not want to share my feelings with others. I am feeling so inspired by this new type of community that is being created and cultivated on social media lately.

I think that girls are feeling more able to share their real lives, real stories, and real experiences because there are other women who are backing them up and giving encouragement. I am so thankful to be a part of a community like this! 

About a month ago Karlie called me and told me about an idea she had for starting a Facebook page that would be all about focusing on genuine community; I was totally on board. We came up with a name and launched the page within just a few days, mostly because we didn't see a reason to wait until our vision was "perfected", when we could start it and just watch it more naturally grow into what it would become! We have been thrilled with the outpouring of encouragement we have received from women who have joined our Facebook group and found a sense of purpose and community within it. 

Our goal is to go beyond social media, beyond blogging, beyond your Instagram handle, and really dive in to real conversations and real life. This is a space for everyday women, mothers, daughters, girls who want to give & get real advice, and any female who has found that natural and genuine connections can be really hard online. Although there are a lot of bloggers on our page, we also really desire for this to just be a fun, open space for every woman. This is a space for questions, open communication, and acceptance. We are really excited about what just the first few weeks has brought for our page; reading through every comment and thoughtful response from women all over the world has been encouraging and inspiring!

Join our page, join the conversation, and join a community of women who are learning what it means to look past their social media handles and learn to be real & genuine online!

JOIN HERE: LET's get social with b & k