Life Is Interesting

"Life is interesting to interesting people.."

I have learned to savor Sunday mornings with Matt; our day off together goes by so fast unless I choose to slow it down. Each week goes by faster than the next, yet so slowly all at the same time.

Do you know what I mean?

During my work days I can find myself feeling like it's never ending, but when I get home and I am doing things I love the time escapes me so quickly. As Matt and I were eating breakfast and reading as we try do each Sunday morning, he came across something that was so simple, yet so profound.

"So many people just don't enjoy life. They look at it as one struggle after another, don't get me wrong - we all have challenges and negative experiences each day, but our attitude towards them is what really counts. There are people that look at their week like this: Blue Monday, Hump Wednesday, and Thank God It's Friday. Many times their weekend is ho-hum, and they start over again the next week - the grind continues. Life is dull to dull people, and life is interesting to interesting people. You can't just have a good day like everyone says. You have to choose t have a good day."

I thought to myself, what a terrible & sad thing that we wish for each day to pass so quickly.

Rarely do I look at the week with excitement or contentment. Am I choosing to make each day an exciting adventure?

There's always something I am dreading, work I am wishing away, or time I've committed to but already want back. How much of life to we let pass by because of this? I'm sure it's quite a lot. Think back to this last week; was there anything you wish you could re-do or go back in time and revisit? Whether you brushed it past you, or couldn't seem to set aside time to fully enjoy it, there's probably something on your mind you dream you could go back to. I know there is for me.

Think back to your last week again. Would you consider it dull, or interesting? If you're like me you probably are wishing you could say it was the most exciting week of your life! But if you are honest with yourself, it was dull. What made it that way? Chances are, it was YOU and your attitude that made it that way. Our lives were created to be the exact opposite of dull! They were created for adventure, spontaneity, to be full of laughter; we were designed to be expectant that good, filling, joyous, life-giving things would be what made up our lives.

We've got to learn to be more in the moment, like those grandparents who scowl at their grandchildren who are always on their phones, we too should realize the importance of the present.

I am the most guilty of this; the over stimulation of having my phone in my face, turned on the brightest setting, yet still squinting to make sure I'm not missing something or scrolling too fast. Pshh. Our lives are like the little pictures we scroll past, and they seem to go that fast too! Don't get me wrong, I am the Queen of 'capturing the moment', but I could learn a lot about not letting those "picture perfect" moments be taken away from be because I'm too consumed with other people joining me in the moment too.

Here's to a simple reminder to adjust our attitudes and to seek out that exciting, interesting life we are called to live! Make it a conscious choice each day. When you walk into work on a Monday, forget what day it is.. why does that matter anyways? Each day is an amazing, special day in itself. I don't want to look back and think my life was ho-hum and boring. I can make it the life it was designed to be!

This will probably always be a hard thing for me to balance, but for some reason it's been on my heart & mind lately, and I thought sharing it might let someone else feeling the same way know that there are others in their boat!

"Sink deeply into the world as it stands. Breathe in the smell of rain and the scuff of leaves as they scrape across driveways on windy nights. This is where life is, not some imaginary, photo-shopped dreamland. Here. Now. You, just as you are. Me, just as I am. This world, just as it is. This is the good stuff. This is the BEST stuff there is. Perfect has nothing on truly, completely, wide-eyed, open-souled present."

- Shauna Niequist, Present Over Perfect

The book Matt is reading is called "Strange Secrets of the Big Time" by Frosty Westering

Andie Avery Photography