Life + Style

This week me and my husband got back from our Honeymoon in Oahu (it was AMAZING, post to come soon about the trip!) and started moving in to our apartment! Its been sort of a slow process to move everything into our place, but we are enjoying unwrapping thoughtful gifts and dreaming up how we want to decorate and make this place ours!

Moving into a new space and decorating it got me thinking a lot about what the style of my LIFE looks like.. similarly to how I dress myself I essentially dress my home with things I like too! Lifestyle to me is a representation of interests and activities that are expressed creatively by my personal style. So although I mostly blog about fashion, I am so excited to be able to add more "lifestyle" pieces to my posts! I truly believe that finding your own personal style is reflected in more than just what you wear. I hope that in the same way my fashion posts inspire you to create your own outfits, my posts and tips about home decor might encourage you even more to create your own sense of style; throughout your whole home.

As well as being more candid about my home, I hope to help you get a better idea into my everyday LIFE! More posts about what I do, where I go and what I eat are comin' for ya!