What To Plan For A Long Weekend In Scottsdale, AZ

Matt & I are heading to Arizona tonight for an extended weekend in the sun with his family!

His cousin will be getting married on Saturday, and we've got a weekend full of family hanging out, lounging by the pool, eating yummy food, & soaking up the sun. It's supposed to be 100 degrees Saturday - a lot hotter than your typical 55 and cloudy day in Seattle haha! We are really looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and fun. If you have any other suggestions of places to eat and see, let me know!

And thank you so much for all these suggestions you've already given us, we can't wait to try some places out and check Scottsdale off our bucket list!

We've heard it's amazing and we are already looking forward to coming back haha!

scottsdale AZ


- The Saguero Scottsdale


- Fashion Square Mall
- Camelback Mtn
- Squak Peak


- Sprinkles Cupcakes
- Sugar Bowl


- The Henry
- Press
- Ruze Coffee House
- La Grande Coffee


- Joyride Tacos
- Flowerchild
- North Italia
- The Mission
- Two Hippies
- Beach House

How cute & colorful is this hotel?! It's like it was made for me haha!
I am so excited. Hope you all have a great rest of your week!