Meaningful Valentine's Day Ideas

To me Valentine's Day isn't about who can get each other the best, most extravagant gifts, or about out-doing each other to prove your love. To me, this is a day to spend quality time with the person you love most, and to show them you love & care for them with actions and words, not with gifts. Below I have some easy and fun date ideas that are designed to create special memories and ultimately to set time aside to just BE together.

So this Valentine's Day, set aside quality time and give the gift of listening more intently, cherish little moments together, and laugh a lot! I hope you get to spend the day with that person you love the very most.

Coffee & Donuts

A classic combination!

Who doesn't love to start their day with coffee? Add a few donuts on the side and I'm thinking anybody would have an instantly brighter day. I love going out to eat, whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner. So why not go out to eat for donuts? I'm sure every small town, much like Bothell, has a little cafe or bakery that serves up some of the most delicious treats! Stop in and make a date of it, order something you've never tried, and maybe buy a few for any friends you will see the nest day. Spread the love!

Take A Walk & Buy Flowers On The Way Home

Every girl likes flowers, I promise.

Every sunny day here in Washington is gorgeous! Take advantage of the weather and get outside, enjoy walking & talking together. Good conversations should never be taken for granted, especially conversations with the person you trust and care for most. Pick a topic to talk about and ask questions, like you did when you first started to date! And on the way home, take the long way and swing by a grocery store or floral shop and pick up some pretty blooms.

Make A Heart Shaped Pizza

For the love of pizza!

The first year Matt and I celebrated Valentine's Day together, we made a pizza in the shape of a heart. The first attempt had way to thick of crust, it was like a loaf of bread haha! So we tossed that and made another one, even cutting the pepperoni slices into mini hearts. It was something fun for us to do and make together, and it turned out yummy too! You can even go to the grocery store together and pick out some tasty toppings.This is just an easy way to get creative and cook up something together!

Exchange Love Notes

Because who doesn't need words of affirmation?

One of the most important things you can do to grow & flourish any relationship is to use words of affirmation. Our words have a huge impact on how we make people feel, and they can so easily give value & build people up. We often choose to use them to attack and hurt people, and as bad as it is, we usually feel most comfortable doing that to people we are closest to! So take the time this year to put some extra love & fuel into your special relationship, and build it up with some words of kindness and affirmation. What do you love most about your spouse? What does your boyfriend do that always makes you laugh? Tell them! And watch them light up & feel so loved.

Make A Fort & Watch A Movie

You will never be too old for this.

We all remember making forts as little kids; throwing in every pillow we could find and stuffing it to the brim with fluffy blankets, it was always so cozy and comforting. Imagine how fun it would be to do the same thing as adults! Maybe right after you make a heart shaped pizza, you can throw together and comfy fort and watch your favorite movie! Add string lights, pop some popcorn, and hunker down for a relaxing night. Too tired to crawl to bed? No worries, you can just fall asleep in your little oasis!

Hope you have a great Valentine's Day! Spend it with the one you love most!