Relax & Reflect - NYE At Home

Sometimes the best nights are the ones where there are no expectations to be met. You can truly relax, unwind, and have time to reflect on the last year. It went soo fast! If you want to host a house gathering this NYE, it is best to keep it simple. Grab a big wooden cutting board or porcelain plate and fill it with cheese, grapes, crackers, salami, chocolate - all the goods. Even easy drinks like lemonade with cranberries, Martinellis & apple juice, or hot cocoa will be a big hit.

A night in is all about being cozy and comfortable. If you are having guests over, throw some oversized fuzzy blankets on the couches, fluff up the pillows, and have a playlist of music in the background. These things help create a comfortable atmosphere where good conversation can flow. I found all kinds of ideas for food and drinks, as well as easy decor while scrolling Pinterest earlier this week.

I think sticking with a color scene and style for the night can help you create a space that is decorated well, without spending a lot of money too! My go-to is always copper & gold, white, black, touches of shimmer. I think that those modern metallics contrast well with natural woods and greens.

One of the easiest ways to decorate a space is to set the table. Get out plates, fun napkin, glasses, and decorate that space in a way that is functional and special. Making one area the focus keeps you from feeling like you have to decorate every space in your home. A big banner cut from cute paper, gold foil straws, name plates, and drinks that are pre-made with a sprig of rosemary.. All easy details that don't take much time or money but add a LOT of personal touch. 

If you are thinking this sounds like the best option for you this year (I am!), you might be wondering what you would wear? You want to be cute and stylish, but maybe walking around your apartment in heels and a dress doesn't sound like it would be much fun. I can help you out!

Nobody does cozy-chic like one of my all time favorite bloggers, Sazan Hendrix. She is amazing at pulling together outfits that scream "I live for comfort", yet have a classy touch and are very clean & put together. I love her balance between what is comfortable and what is trendy. Not to mention her makeup is always on point! Any of these outfits will be sure to draw eyes - you will be the most comfortable and stylish girl at the party.

Happy New Year!

Hope you have a wonderful & memorable night!