Restoration Hardware: Gastby Meets Mid Century Modern

Last week I visited the new Restoration Hardware store at University Village in Seattle for the first time - it was amazing! I had heard some friends talk about how beautiful it was and I knew I wanted to stop by when I was at University Village. What I didn't realize is that when you go see the store, you have to set aside at least an house to stroll the store and take it all in, because there is so much to look at! When you first walk up to the building, it's huge but doesn't seem like anything too special. When you walk in the front door though is when you are immediately blown away with how amazing everything is!

Think Gatsby meets Mid Century Modern.

I'm talking huge fault ceilings, enormous chandeliers, large fluffy white couches, and ottomans that look like they were made for giants. Everything is oversized and grand, and it's fantastic! I was obsessing over the chandeliers, mainly because of the staggering amount that fill the four floors. There are several that hang all the way down the main staircase, so as you walk up the stairs you can look up and see them catch the light. They cast light onto the many mirrors that line the walls, making rainbows across the walls. It is truly beautiful!

Of course everything at Restoration Hardware is quite a bit out of my price range at this point in life, but I think you can get inspiration from anything! My main design takeaways?

1. I really liked the gold tones that were throughout, I think it was a really clean and classy way to decorate with all of the modern white furniture that was in the space.

2. Mirrors! They make small spaces look longer and bigger, as well as adding more light!

3. Sometimes the most impactful way to decorate is more simple! A few bouquets of flowers, small touches of greenery, and then bigger impact statement pieces. Keep the focus in any space on a few key items!

Take A Look At The Store!

From floor, to ceiling, to rooftop, this space shines!