The Best Brunch Spots

I'm not one to neglect any designated meal time, but some days call for combining two meals into one. And who doesn't love brunch?!

It's a perfect excuse to sleep in and get a later start to the day.

One goal Matt and I made this year is to get brunch together after church every Sunday. It gives us a purposeful time that's set aside to talk and slow the day down, and it gives us an excuse to eat some pretty delicious meals!

Last week we ate at Alexa's, a cafe in Downtown Bothell right by our apartment. It's bomb! This week on our way home from church, we called my parents to meet us at another classic place, The Rusty Pelican, in Edmonds. We ate here the morning after our wedding; it's one of those places that just is all around amazing! The food is always good, you can sit back with a hot coffee and people watch out the windows, and the ambiance is wonderful. It also has one of our favorite meals EVER. It's called the Santa Fe Burrito (pictured below) and is filled with potato, cheese, bacon, onion, and comes with a side of sour cream, salsa & avocado. So tasty!

One of the many fun reasons it's been great living in the area we do, is that we are so close to every major city around us. Kirkland, Bellevue, and Seattle are all just a short drive away, and they offer so many places for us to experience & eat! I've eaten at (and loved) Deru Market in Kirkland, as well as Portage Bay in Seattle, and am looking forward to eating at Mr. West Cafe Bar soon!

Anywhere I can cozy up and fill up on yummy, home-cooked tasting food is good with me.

Aside from getting to sleep in a little bit, and start the day slow together, I think brunch away from home gets me in the mood to get up & get ready for the day! At work all week I mostly wear dresses and heels, so by the time the weekend or a day off comes around, I am reaching for my comfy jeans and simple booties that keep me comfortable all day long. This Blank NYC jacket is on sale at Nordstrom right NOW aka you must run, not walk, to your nearest store and get yourself one!! It's the easiest layering piece over a striped tee, and just with this one statement piece I am already looking more put together.

I also love the color green! It's Pantone's 'Color of the Year' for 2017 and it also happens to be the color I love to decorate and wear most! It goes with anything: black, grey, blues, neutrals, and even pops of color like pink! In my world, green is a neutral itself, and I love it!

I am going to be looking forward to next Sunday ALL WEEK LONG!

Best Brunch Spots

Lunch & Dinner too!

1. Deru Market - Kirkland
2. Mr. West Cafe Bar - Seattle
3. Alexa's Cafe - Bothell
4. Portage Bay Cafe - Seattle