The Importance of Date Night


Date night is the BEST night, who's with me?!

Before we got married, I thought that it would mean Matt & I would spend every night together and always be together.. It just is not that way, and for good reason! It's super important to have time alone, time to do activities we each love (but the other might not), time for friends and to make memories that we can come home & share with one another. I love spending time with friends and think it is super healthy to have separate lives, but pouring time into your relationship with your spose is also super important! And I really look forward to it.

Although we do get a lot of time together, we often aren't really together. Phones, TV, Instagram, blogging, etc. can often get in the way of quality time together. And as much and we love to watch a show or movie together, we have our best time spent when set these things aside and do something; no matter how simple it might be.

A few weeks ago we went on a few mile walk to this Menchies near our apartment. Honestly, I was not that excited because I don't really love walking & feel like it points out how out of shape I am (I am so insecure about that!). But Matt reminded me that it wasn't a race to get there, in fact the more time we took to walk there was just more time together.

Isn't it refreshing sometimes to just set aside LIFE & take time to just go on a date. A simple, froyo consuming, sunset enjoying, full of laughter, date.

P.S. This is a screenshot of two quotes Matt said about this picture of me haha! He think's he is SO clever!