Ring Feature in "The Knot" Magazine


It's so weird seeing a picture you took published in a magazine! I took this picture on a random Sunday last fall after church; Matt and I were taking a walk in downtown Bothell & I loved the way these leaves were piled up all over the ground. Orange, red, yellow. They were gorgeous!

I remember thinking ooh maybe I will take a picture of my ring since it's just about been a year since Matt proposed! I posted it on Instagram with no intention of it getting any more attention that any of my other photos, but was excited when The Knot Instagram reposted the photo the next day!

So funny how almost a full year later it's come full circle and is now forever in print in their magazine.

I kiiinda freaked out when I got a text from a friend a few weeks ago saying she saw my ring selfie published in her copy of The Knot. I mean, every girl who's ever even had one thought about getting married knows what that magazine is and loves it.

It's the pinnacle of wedding inspiration! You better believe I spent that whole afternoon calling every bookstore in town to hunt down a copy for myself haha!

P.S. I am obsessed with my ring obviously haha!!

It's a pear shape with a halo and diamonds down the side. The small band next to it is the wedding ring that I got on our wedding day. I love it so much!