Travel In Style

It's no secret that I love my travel bags; they are almost as important to me as what is inside of them haha! When I was about 10 my parents bought be hot pink luggage for a family trip to California and I was seriously so excited about them. I felt like such an adult; all grown up and coordinated with my matching luggage set. Looking back now I can't help but laugh because I wonder how I even filled those big suitcases up! I can't imagine how funny it would have been to see my 10 year old self lugging hot pink (and I mean HOT pink) luggage around the airport. Let's be honest, my dad probably carried it for me haha!

Since I express my sense of style and love for fashion in literally everything else I do, wouldn't it make sense that my luggage matched that too?! I think this bright pink Lipault Paris roller luggage is the perfect ode to my hot pink luggage days. I also love my gold travel bag for smaller trips; like when Matt and I went to my parents lake place for a night in December. All I needed was a few things, so a smaller travel bag was easy to pack and still kept everything organized. I love it! I have linked a few of my favorites below. Another brand that I know a LOT of people use & love is Calpak; and they are sold everywhere. I found a few cute ones I love at Nordstrom, so if you liked them too you can just shop them from the links below!

Now, where should we travel to next? There are a few places on my bucket list! I would love to hear your thoughts on where you have been & love to travel, or where you dream of going someday!

Here are my travel destination dreams:

- PALM SPRINGS: Matt has never been! I grew up going almost every year with my family and just would love to do a small trip to CA and explore together!

- AUSTRALIA: My parents have told me about their trip to Australia when they were our age, aside from the long flight (I surprisingly don't LOVE flying) I think it would be such a dream!

- GREECE: The land of bluest waters, sandy beaches, and white buildings everywhere! If Greece isn't on your bucket list, you've got to be lying haha! It just would be amazing.

- NASHVILLE: I know I am all over the place here with where we would love to travel, but Matt & I love country music & BBQ so we think Nashville would be an amazing little getaway.